17 Real facts about Amelia

I’m not very interesting but these facts are semi cool so plz read ily

  1. I am a child of God

My faith has been such an important aspect of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been able to turn to the Lord in my hard times and have learned how to have faith in every part of my life.

  1. My favorite color is orange

Orange like a tangerine and the sunset not like longhorns because WRECK ‘EM ALWAYS! Orange is such a happy fun color that just makes me feel fun and silly.

  1. I had a dog named Benton

Benton was the most silly fun crazy weird dog ever. I loved him so much and he was the best dog. He lived a long life but all good things come to an end. Also, Lacey loves making jokes about my dead dog. RIP Benton.

  1. I have an affinity for elf culture

Like wow, Christmas is the best time of the whole year! It’s so fun and everyone is so cheerful and happy. I wish it could always be the Christmas season!

  1. One time I almost died

Last summer I had to have my gallbladder removed because it didn’t like me anymore. We had a really fun time together but it finally decided we needed to end things so I got it taken out. I had to stay in the hospital for 2 days and it wasn’t fun but at least I got a lot of good medicine and attention!

  1. My hair is full of secrets

Each one of my curls holds a secret and if you’ve ever seen my hair you would know that’s a lot secrets.

  1. I LOVE essential oils

I love diffusing, vaping, smelling and rubbing all over my body. They’re better than medicine and work wonders for allergies. Just you wait for mine and Katy’s collaborative article on all the benefits of essential oils.

  1. I love my family so much!

My mom, dad and brother are the best people ever and I love them so much. They are so fun and silly but also so real. They have been there for me through my good and my bad and I couldn’t imagine going through life without them. Thanks, y’all!

  1. I love baking and cooking!

Ever since I was little I have loved to make foodie creations. I love making up fun recipes or following a very precise recipe for macarons. At one point, I even wanted to go to culinary school!

  1. My favorite movies are Elf and Clueless

I could probably quote the whole entire Elf movie and I’m not even ashamed. Elf speaks to my soul and always puts a smile on my face. Clueless is so fun and I wish I went to high school in the 90’s that would’ve been buggin.

  1. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel

I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid so of course Ariel is my favorite! She is just so misunderstood and wants to experience a different way of life. I really relate to that. I also love the beach and the ocean and dolphins so it’s just so fitting.

  1. Big Booty’s Only are three of the coolest realest people and idk what I would do without them

Thanks for your friendship and being y’all, lol (red heart)

  1. Lorde is the greatest singer of all time

I have loved Lorde since the beginning. She is such a unique quirky fun weird singer and I love her voice. She has such raw lyrics and an intriguing look. I can’t wait for new music to come out because I have been waiting patiently since 2013.

  1. I LOVE all things sweet

Candy, brownies, cake, cookies, ice cream, waffles, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter cups, gummy worms, starbursts, M&M’s, mint chocolate chip ice cream, macarons. I mean honestly if it has sugar in it I will eat it.

  1. The volcano scented candle is my favorite scent

Every time I walk into Anthropologie I start crying a little bit, not only because I wish I had enough money to buy everything but also because of the smell. There is no way to describe this smell. It is magical. It brings all the good vibes to my life and just fills my heart with love and happiness. It smells musty but also flowery but also sweet. That’s how I imagine Hawaii to smell after it rains.

  1. I want to travel all over

I want to go everywhere and experience everything! I want to ski in the Swiss alps, see the Taj Mahal at sunrise, watch the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, swim in the Great Barrier Reef, salsa dance in Spain and all the cool things. I can’t wait to travel and experience the world.

  1. I wish I could live in Whole Foods

Whole Foods is my favorite place ever. It has everything you would ever need and just sends all the good vibes. I want to eat all the yummy foods in the salad bar and try all the yummy samples they have on Saturdays. Whole Foods just fills my heart with happiness and maybe one day I will be able to live in one.

Thanks for reading!

Do it for the mems!





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