This is real this is (17 things about) me:

I am a daughter of the one true King:   I am a devoted Christian. I gave my life to the Lord through baptism the summer before my freshman year of high school and I haven’t looked back since. I have grown immensely in Him since coming to college, and I am eager to continue to grow in His love and grace. While trials are hard in this funky thing called college, I know that His love shown through the Gospel is greater.

My family consists of my dad, my mom, and my brother:  I grew up in a loving family consisting of my Dad (Lance), my Mom (Cecilia) and my brother (Aaron). They’re pretty rad and honestly way too good to me. My mom is my best friend that I confide everything in, but I would probably consider myself to be a Daddy’s girl at heart. Either way, my family is something that means a lot to me and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I’m obsessed with my cat:   I probably have 100 too many pictures of Pete the cat but like this is real this is me? Peetie Si is the love of my life even though he is very moody most of the time. I may have scars all over from him biting me (yes, biting. He has no claws…) but that just shows his love for me, right? Oh well, he’s the best cat a girl could ask for and is such a cutie patootie !

I’m obsessed with coffee: Like honestly, I drink this as if its water. My addiction is so real that I have withdrawals and caffeine headaches if I don’t get coffee at some point in the day. Coffee shops are my aesthetic and I’m very grateful for all the many cute coffee shops here in Lubbock. Whether it’s a latte or a cold brew, as long as I have coffee next to me, I’m in my happy place.

My favorite color is purple: Well, eggplant. Purple is the best color around (olive is a close second). An eggplant is my favorite shade in particular. Also, eggplants are just yummy and silly. It just really warms my soul when I see something this color honestly, or  a good eggplant parm.

My favorite animal is a beluga whale: I know some of you may be asking, “What the nuts?”, but yes, a beluga whale is my favorite animal. I love whales in general, but I went to Sea World and saw a baby beluga and literally starting crying at how cute it was. If I was a mermaid, I for sure would want one to be my best friend !

My favorite flavor of ice cream is pistachio: Not an everyday flavor, but much appreciated when it is an option. The color is just so fun so like who could say no? (Unless you’re allergic to nuts… then pls say no)

My favorite Disney Princess is Belle: Belle is my role model honestly. She’s beautiful, intelligent, witty, and, willing to sacrifice herself to save someone dear to her. Who wouldn’t want to be this beaut? Also, the fact Emma Watson is playing her in the real live movie makes my soul content to the most possible extent.

I don’t know how to ride a bike: Yeah so like this is a little bit embarrassing but very true. In all honesty, my mom never let me play outside as a child so I just kind of never learned. Don’t offer to teach me because I’ll probably say no just like I keep telling the Bee Hive no when they offer. But I mean, a cute bike ride date through the city or a beachy town sounds really cute, so maybe I’ll have the motivation later on in life?

I’m basically blind in my left eye: Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Like, I don’t think you understand. You know when you go to the optometrist and they ask you to cover one eye and read the letters on the wall? Well, I a little bit can’t read that huge letter that takes up half the wall if I cover my right eye. If I’m not wearing contacts or my glasses, the blindness is real.

I have screws holding my jaw together: My freshman year of high school (oh the horrific times), I had jaw surgery to correct the dis-alignment of my jaw and over bite I was born with. I was under for about 9 hours and had my jaw broken and moved to the correct position. I have a metal plate behind my top jaw and a lot of screws holding everything together that will be there forever. Basically, my x-rays make me look like a robot. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t make the metal detectors at airports go off.

I had a crush on Peter Pan as a child: Honestly, who didn’t? Jeremy Sumpter was such a little cutie and has grown up beautifully. Peter Pan loves to take people on adventures and I’m still annoyed that he never asked me. Maybe I just need a little bit more of faith, trust, and pixie dust?

I’m allergic to papaya: Yeah the night I found this out is actually a really sad story. I was at my grandmas making a card for my dad because that night was the Daddy Daughter Dance at school. She was making some fruit salad and I was helping. I hadn’t even eaten any yet and next thing we knew I was breaking out into hives and swelling. I ended up missing the dance. My little first grade heart was broken.

Fall is my favorite season: Flannels, pumpkins, scarves, beanies, leaves falling, chilly nights, campfires, what could be better? My wardrobe for the fall and winter is so much better than any other clothes I own. During the fall, you can catch me at a Tech Football game wearing a flannel, scarf, and uggs. Yay fall !

I won a state championship my senior year of high school: Yeah that was a fun time. I played volleyball from the 4th grade until my senior year of high school. The last year that I would be able to play, we won the state championship and it was such a surreal thing. All those years of playing, the hundreds of hours of practice, the thousands of hours spent at tournaments, all rewarded. So good.

I have way too many flannels: I’m honestly too scared to count how many I have out of shame. I have almost every color you could think of, but can almost never resist buying a new one if they’re on sale. Men’s flannels are far more comfy than women’s so if you see me looking in the men’s clothing section, don’t be alarmed because I’m honestly probably looking for another flannel to add to the beautiful collection. Flannels are a great purchase because they can be dressed up or down. Go get some new flannels !

I love going to concerts: Concerts are the most fun times I’ve had in my life. It’s so cool to be able to see an album that you listen to live for the first time. Some of my favorite concerts include One Direction, 5SOS, and BORNS. I just found out that I’m finally going to be able to go see The 1975, something that has almost happened 3 times in a row. So yeah, you could say I love concerts and probably spend way too much money on them but hey, they make me happy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn 17 (I hope were cool?) facts about me! Tune in on Thursdays for more posts by myself, but tune in everyday for some bomb posts from the rest of The Hive! Ily !


2 thoughts on “This is real this is (17 things about) me:

  1. You are an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL girl! We are so PROUD OF YOU and thank God everyday for allowing us the privilege of having you as our daughter! We love you beyond words!
    – Daddy & Momma

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  2. Your post was so intriguing. I really learned a lot about you. I’m sorry your allergic to papaya and that you missed the dance.
    I’m so grateful for your friendship to Amelia and everyone at the hive.

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