To My Childhood Best Friend

I don’t know why the term childhood best friend is used when you’ll forever be my best friend. There’s no doubt you’ll be standing up next to me at my wedding. Or that our children will be forced into being best friends. You were and still are one of the biggest friend influences i’ve had on my life. We may not be roommates at the same college like we always dreamed, but when we come back home we pick up right where we left off. I’m thankful we created a bond in elementary school, that lasted through the awkwardness of middle school, and the cattiness of high school. Some friendships don’t make it through that, but I think we both always knew that ours would.

We met the first day of third grade when Mrs. Starnz grabbed both of us by the waist and told us “you two are going to be great friends.” She was a smart lady wasn’t she? And I don’t think I could thank her enough for you. It’s like she could tell the future or something because in that moment she knew what we didn’t. I was new to school and you showed me the ropes. Do you remember the first time we wanted to have a sleep over? You told me your address and to our surprise I had nearly an identical one. We literally had a storybook friendship. Over the years we would walk around that block to each other’s houses I don’t know how many times.  This friendship would bring countless sleepovers, thousands upon thousands of texts and late night talks on the phone. We had matching swim suits every summer. Honestly matching everything. Haircuts and hair color, shirts, shorts. Then together we went on beach trips, trips to your Maine house, soccer championships. Needless to say when we became friends we were conjoined at the hip. It was always Amber and Lacey. Lacey and Amber. You never saw one without the other.

So, thank you. For putting up with me all these years and still being my friend. For the endless laughs. Remember your dad would yell “Girls knock it off” when we got to loud. Your family became my family and my family became yours. Thank you for being a my vault secret keeper. I’m convinced you know more about me than I know about myself. Thank you for just being there. You were always willing to lend a listening ear or give the best advice. We were there to listen to each other’s crushes and talk about boyfriends. You were there when mine cheated.  Even though we’ve had petty fights and gone through rough patches. I never for a second questioned if you had my back because I knew you always would, and i’ll forever have yours. No matter how far apart we are. We played soccer and cheered on football players together. We’ve laughed till we’ve cried… or peed. We’ve eaten endless amounts of popcorn, watched endless amounts of movies, and played endless amounts of mario kart and rock band. These memories are ones that I will never forget and it brings a smile to my face when I think about more in the future that we’ll make.

Here’s to us Amber Leigh. 12 years of friendship and counting. Thank you for being a friend that turned into a sister. For loving me so well and teaching me to love myself. You deserve the very best. God has been so good to us and I want you to know just how proud I am of you and to be called your friend. Remember who you are and whose you are.

Well bestfriend, I miss you. A lot. ILY FOREVER



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