Since I’ve joined a Christian Sorority…

Since I’ve joined a Christian sorority….

I’ve learned what it means to be in community and lean on my sisters in Christ when I need pushing. I’ve learned what it means to be pushed to the cross daily. I’ve learned that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness like I once believed, but rather a showing of growth. I’ve learned what it means to be a Christian college student, something a lot of my generation doesn’t know how to do. While college has its rough times, the people in this intimate organization have been there for me.

From being a pledge who had a blind faith from her parents, to now a Junior in college (yikes) who is strong in it. Not only has this organization helped me not be a statistic of loosing faith in college, but they have grown me into someone who honestly wants to seek the Lord. I know I’m not where I want to be with my faith or relationship with the Lord, but all of that will come in time through self-discipline. I’ve been discipled by some pretty cool people, and have even learned what it means to disciple someone along the way.

My faith is something that is very important to me. The fact I can now be confident in something that for so long I felt I was not up to par at, is freeing. I’m free to grow in Christ with no shame. I’m free to be vulnerable with fellow Christians about my struggles, because I know that they have some of their own. Once upon a time, I believed that no one would understand my struggles because they were the “perfect Christian”. Something I have learned throughout this time is that no such person exists. This organization has shown me that we all as Christians suffer for the glory of Christ. We are not alone, but rather, we are one in Him. Since joining RSC, I’ve been pushed, I’ve pushed some pledges as a pledge mom, and have been held accountable for my daily sins along the way. While community and the idea of being in it was scary and made me feel bitter at first, I now see it as the sweet blessing it is.

 I have no idea where I would be or what I would be doing if I wasn’t held accountable for my actions by ones who care about my heart and walk with the Lord. Accountability and vulnerability are hard, but so rewarding. Being vulnerable about your feelings or life is hard, especially for someone like me who has a constant fear that people don’t care about her. Satan likes to make me feel like my problems are not important enough to talk to others around me about them. However, these girls have taught me that I matter and that my life and struggles are just as important as theirs. They’ve taught me that rather than sitting in that sin and thoughts alone, that sharing them aloud to others can allow them to encourage me in Christ and push me to the cross. In times like this, it’s hard to just accept the fact that Satan is lying and that the Father says things that contradict what I am feeling. However, being reminded of the gospel allows for one to see the immense love that our Father has for us. If what I felt to be truth was in fact true, the Lord would not have sent his son for me.

Being reminded of this by these girls during those times is something I never thought I would have in life. Community is something that scared me, and was something I thought I didn’t need. Oh how wrong I was. Community is the reason I can be pushed back to the cross and be reminded of the gospel and how the Lord truly cares for me. Sure I can read that for myself in the Bible, but sometimes hearing it from another sinful human being has a larger impact. If I wasn’t pushed the way I am in this organization, I would sit alone in these feelings, something that would only cause me to sit in sin longer.

Being pushed to the cross is hard. Being called out on your sin is hard. Being called to a season in life that will be physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting is hard. But obedience to your Heavenly Father is so much sweeter and rewarding. Something so simple, that took me so long to figure out. Being obedient to Him during these four semesters that I have been blessed enough to be here for has been eye opening. I now have the faith that obedience and discipline leads to blessings. The Lord will never call you to something and then not provide for you beyond your wildest dreams.

All of these, and so many more, are the beautiful changes the Lord has made in my life through RSC. The Lord has blessed me with amazing friendships out of this organization that I can never say thank you enough for. I am so grateful.


2 thoughts on “Since I’ve joined a Christian Sorority…

  1. Thank you for sharing this and for being such a wise God fearing young lady! We love you sweet girl and are truly humbled to have you as our daughter. May God continue to work in your life and bless you for your commitment and dedication to him. Daddy & I know God has AMAZING plans in store for you and we can’t wait to see it! 😘

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  2. You are so right…vulnerability and humility is hard. But God”s grace and mercy are enough. I’m so glad that you are growing in your faith. This time in your life is preparing you for even bigger things that God had in store for you. Always build that community around you…we all need it. Not only do you need it but the community needs you. You are beautiful.

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