Dear High School Girls,

High school is hard but also amazing. I loved high school. Those 4 years hold some of my fondest memories and my favorite people, but also some of my lowest times and hardest challenges. I guess this post could apply to boys too, but I’m not sure because I’m a girl so I can only really speak from a girl’s perspective.


Growing up

I grew a lot in the 4 years I was in high school, but I’ve grown in a better, more productive way since I graduated. Growing up is hard and I pushed myself to do it faster than I should have. I was so concerned about who I wanted to be I missed being the person I was in the moment. I wanted to be grown up and make my own choices and I probably should have listened to others a little more. I wanted to be the version of myself I envisioned so badly, but the person I wanted to be (am still learning to be) is shaped by her experiences. The woman I strive to one day become isn’t something that can be rushed, it takes time. So, slow down. Enjoy being where you are right now. Listen to the people around you. Take it all in. Time isn’t going to speed up no matter how much you want it to. When you look back it’s going to seem like these four years have lasted four days.


Making Mistakes

Mistakes are part of growing. I never made those huge mistakes in high school. I went to college having never really failed. I failed big time once I got here. I had no idea what to do and the more I tried to make it better the worse it got. I felt like I had ruined everything. So, if you haven’t failed yet it’s ok. Be prepared. Failure is part of becoming successful. Don’t let failure ruin your confidence. Stand back up and start again. No matter what you did you can move forward. If you have failed, I envy you. You might see your failure as a weakness but it is a strength. You have the experience. You know that failure isn’t the end. You got to learn the hardest lesson in a safe place. You got to fail and have someone there to pick you up and help you. No matter what happens, what mistake you make, whenever you make it remember this: It’s not the end it’s a new beginning. You are stronger because of it. Your failure makes you better.



Girls are mean. It’s not a secret. Everyone knows it. You are mean. It’s ok (I mean it’s not but it is). I was mean. When you’re trying to learn how to deal with your feelings sometimes your thoughts come out as mean in the heat of the moment or out of frustration. The more you learn about your feelings the more eloquent you’ll become in expressing them. Growing up often means growing apart. I felt like this a lot when I was in high school. I had friends that I felt obligated to. I thought I had to be friends with them because we had always been friends. It was easier to be friends than to not be. I was wrong. The easiest choice isn’t always the right choice. You are who you surround yourself with. You will learn one day that real friends are more important than lots of friends. This might be one you don’t realize till you’re removed from the situation. It’s ok; this experience will teach you a lot.



This is super subjective and depends so much on the person. I’ll just say a few things.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. You are strong. You are beautiful. Your opinions and thoughts are valid and important. You matter. You can make a difference.  You have a right to be happy.


Stress, Success, and the Future

School is important. Your grades are important, but so are other things.  You have so much time in your life to stress about things (hello college). Calm down. Breathe. Success is measured in a different way for everyone. You find your gage and don’t measure yourself against others. The future is coming at you so fast at this age, but it’s still so far away. You have time to worry about the future, so focus on what you love to do and you will find a path to go down.


High school will be something you always look back on. Make the best of it. Enjoy it. Being a grown-up (not that I actually consider myself one) isn’t always fun.


Have a fabulous weekend!




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