7 Things I Love About Being a Red Raider


  • Every Red Raider is so supportive of our school.

Rain or shine, Red Raiders love Texas Tech. Whether we are cheering on our football team, or crying after the lose by one touchdown, we are always proud to be Red Raiders. Never do we cease to say “wreck em” when good things happen in life, or sarcastically when a Professor decides to give a pop quiz over the reading we definitely didn’t do. Even when classes are hard and the LBK gets a little boring, we still feel so blessed to go to the greatest university out there!

  • Campus is so beautiful.

In the spring tie, those red flowers just really make campus extra special. Seeing campus the Friday before a home game and getting a picture with a wrapped Will Rogers and Soapsuds is a must during your time here. Memorial Circle is so pretty, but don’t step on the grass or you’ll ruin it. There’s some pretty rad art sculptures around campus too. I bet no one can find a prettier campus around.

  • Sports are a big deal.

As a big sports fan myself, I really appreciate the fact that sports a huge part of Tech.While our football team may not have the best records ever, we all love them deep own and will still cheer them on every Saturday during the season. Basketball games are soooo live. I once got to rush the court when we beat #3 OU last year and its still one of my favorite memories. However, we don’t have to suffer many heartbreaks when it comes to baseball and I really appreciate that. I fully support every sports team at Tech. Go Red Raiders!

  • The horse.

Fearless Champion is beautiful. Seeing that horse ride across the field to lead the football team in never ceases to amaze me. It’s pretty cool Tech was one of the first schools to have a live mascot. Bet you cant find a prettier and cooler mascot than Fearless Champion. Also, he just really makes our entrance really cool and the best one there is (don’t fight me on this).

  • Tech is a huge school.

While I had the experience of going to both large and small schools, going to a large campus is so cool. You get to interact with so many people that come from different backgrounds than you. You practically will never see the same person on campus twice and that gives you so many opportunities to reach out and learn new things about people. So rad.

  • The coffee shops in Lubbock.

This is a v big reason I love being a Red Raider and living in Lubbock. There are so many cute coffee shops that I appreciate. Sugar Browns is the perfect Sunday homework vibe that I need while the flavored lattes at JB give me life. Thanks for being my aesthetic and giving me delicious coffee that keeps me going.

  • The people in my life that I’ve met since coming here.

This may get a little sappy, but some pretty amazing people have come into my life since coming to Tech. My RSC sisters who some I call more of family than friends and The Hive been more to me than they will ever know. These people love me so well and I care for them deeply. I have no idea what I would be doing if it weren’t for them.

These reasons and so many more are the reasons I love being a Red Raider. I definitely made the right decision on where to go to school. Wreck em’ always, strive for honor, and long live the Matadors!


2 thoughts on “7 Things I Love About Being a Red Raider

  1. Wow, I’m envious of you, too. I went to a community college and a commuter university, so I never really felt that school pride like you do when you live on campus and experience the school every day. I agree you did make the right decision…so I can live vicariously through all of you that make up the Hive.😊

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