20 Ways I Wasted Time This Week

First of all, I want you to know that I did not have time to be wasting this week. I had about 1,000 things to do and I did maybe 10 of them. I didn’t do my laundry or pack or clean my room, but I did do these 20 things:

  1. Listened to the same song on repeat for an hour. I Thought You Were The One by Emma White (check it out), also the new Little Big Town album is amazing.
  2. Watched 5 episodes in a row of The O.C.
  3. Got Starbucks just because. So happy that they have the coconut milk mocha macchiato again!
  4. Watched all of my friends Snapchat stories.
  5. Sat outside doing nothing. The weather has been so awesome lately.
  6. Took a walk.
  7. Took a nap, and by this I mean I took a nap every day this week.
  8. Spent 2 hours in a bookstore but didn’t buy anything.
  9. Wrote half of 6 different blog posts.
  10. Looked through Beyoncé’s Instagram photos. Her pregnancy style is killing it.
  11. Read 4 chapters of the book I’m trying to finish, Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. If you love Gilmore Girls it’s a must read.
  12. Organized my pens (I’m serious).
  13. Watched music videos on YouTube for approximately 2 ½ hours. When is the last time you watched one? I forgot how cool they were!
  14. Re-watched the last episode of Nashville and then watched the new one.
  15. Proceeded to cry for about 45 minutes after doing number 14.
  16. Drove to Target, decided not to go in, drove home.
  17. Watched a movie. Age of Adeline (again)!
  18. Colored a picture.
  19. Watered my succulent for the first time in 3 months.
  20. Contemplated life while lying in my bed. SO MANY questions…

Sometimes you just need a break. Life can be so stressful. Doing nothing on your to-do list is not really a permanent solution but it sure helped me distress this week. Overall my week was pretty good!

Spring Break is here!! Look for a post about my trip to Nashville next Friday!

Have a fabulous weekend!





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