Spring Break 2017

One year for the yearbook, they interviewed me to ask what I did during spring break and I said “I went surfing in Hawaii, then I went to Paris, climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and had a picnic.” And that was such a fib, I probably stayed at home and laid in my bed all day. Wow I was so proud I got in the yearbook and was able to tell my silly tale of spring break of 2012.

So this week I want to tell you of the adventure I’m going on this year.

So I go to school up in Lubbock and there’s not much to do up there so we decided to start our spring break journey at the grand canyon. And wow was that beautiful! After we did some hiking through the canyon and trailblazing we decided to hop on a plane at LAX and go to Disney Japan. It was so cool! We experienced Disney like never before. We explored and loved every second of it. It was so cool to experience the culture of Japan and the small differences in the Disney magic. That was an experience that I will never forget! After that we went to Finland and it was so beautiful. We hiked, we laughed and adventured like never before. I experienced a new culture and I even got to pet a reindeer! It was so cool!

And wow all of that happened before Monday! Now there’s the beginnings of the tale of my spring break 2017. Sorry for the late post, I was living in the moment and experiencing life. Do it for the mems!


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