Weird Dream: Read With Caution

Hi there! I’m sorry this did not go up at a decent time(also sorry Cale) and I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again(lol it so will) but you can forgive me right?! Okay! Cool! I mean it’s SPRING BREAK!!!

So this week I am going to write down a dream I had a few days ago and yes it is still very vivid because my friends and I talk about it all the time. Here goes…

So the dream starts with me getting a text from a guy who is about to crowd surf at a rave and its night time so I go outside to notice that it’s actually daytime so right off the bat I am very confused. Fast forward a bit and I am looking at this gas station with a moat around it that my family owns. Yes owns. And you know how I know this? My dad is sitting in the store part “managing” it. I walk in the gas station and it is completely empty no food no soda fountain no slurpees. Completely vacant. Except for my dad who is sitting behind the counter in an old timey metal lawn chair wearing the sickest blue shades I had ever seen. And he had his hair back! Like his thick mane from the 80s. He looked pretty groovy. Anyway I walk in and he says to me, “Did you see your mother’s post?” Not having seen it I flip onto Facebook and lo and behold my mother is PREGNANT. Yeah she put her pregnancy announcement on Facebook before she told her own daughter. I wasn’t to offended because it was a girl so life was pretty sweet at this point. I’ve always wanted a sister!! From here I walk into our basement. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you we lived in this huge beautiful mansion. Carrying on, I went to the basement to find my little brother having some friends over. He’s so cool even in real life so this isn’t surprising BUT one of the friends was Reese Witherspoon. Yes my fav actress of all time was friends with MY brother. This wasn’t current 2017 Reese Witherspoon but like 1991 Man in the Moon Reese Witherspoon. So of course I go talk to her but as I do a large indian man comes in and hands my brother a potato. Now this is already weird to give him a potato but trust me it gets weirder. Taped to this uncooked potato is a pony tail. Like a long black real human hair ponytail. Angered as to why someone would ruin a potato this way I question the man. He just says, “Ask your mom she’s running against me.” Apparently we lived on an indian reservation and my pregnant mother was running to be HEAD CHIEF. I walk out of the basement into the hallway and I wake up. Bummer I know.

So many questions. So so many questions…

  1. Why did my dad steal John Lennon’s glasses?
  2. How did my mom get pregnant… I mean I know how but in real life it would be very impossible.
  3. Why was there a moat around the gas station?
  4. Why were we on an indian reservation?
  5. Why was there a pony tail taped to a potato?
  6. How did my brother become friends with 1991 Reese Witherspoon?


Does my mom win the election? Cause she’d make a crazy great indian chief

Why did I dream this? I do not know. But that night before bed I had eaten an apple and peanut butter. You better believe i’m eating that right now too. Hopefully I get a new fun dream or finish this one!! Stay tuned



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