A Letter to my Childhood Best Friend

It’s sometimes hard to believe that you’ve known someone for so long. Sometimes, you can’t even remember the exact moment you met someone because it just feels like you’ve always known that person. With bestfriends, it’s sometimes hard to remember the “first times” and the milestones, but these I remember vividly.

We met on the first day of kindergarten and instantly clicked. I also know that it was on the first day we met that we had our first fight. Cute boys and friendships don’t mix well to say the least. Despite having our first fight so soon, we grew inseparable and pretty soon people weren’t able to say one of our names without the other. Our fights also increased every day after school when one of us wanted to dress up in the same costume as the other. I’m pretty sure we even wrestled over a princess glove once. When we weren’t playing dress up, we were watching Sagwa and playing with the dogs. This went on for a while and we only grew closer, if that was even possible.

Middle school started we would go to your house everyday after school. Doing homework and eating way too many snacks at the kitchen table while talking about our day. We did everything together. We even had “boyfriends” (lol) who were bestfriends so the four of us could do everything. This is when most of our inside jokes were born and our memories started. From watching funny videos to the jam sessions on the way to volleyball practice, some of my favorite memories were created. We still fought, but we knew we loved each other and would go to the ends of the earth for the other.

Then we went to camp and were both broken with amazement of how much the Lord loves us. I could see it in both of us, the way the Lord was changing both of our hearts those two weeks. Then, you talked about getting baptized on all day hike and I admitted that baptism was put on my heart that week as well. We talked to our counselor and were baptized the last night of camp. This is my absolute favorite thing we ever did together. The fact we felt comfortable enough to talk about things like that just showed how we deeply trusted each other. I don’t think I ever told you how proud of you I was, but I still am to this day.

Then high school started, and we both were tested in different ways. Through all of the hardships I had in those early years, I always knew you were there for me. I could count on you to give me encouragement. I don’t think how much your support and love in those years really meant to me. You knew everything, and I knew I could trust you with it. Then, I switched schools and things got rough. We didn’t see each other as often, and the fights grew worse. In all honesty, the time we spent not being friends hurt and I didn’t know why we had grown apart so fast. Looking back on it now, that time was used for both of us to grow up., something I know I needed.

I’m so proud of how you’ve been doing in college. I’m so proud of you for pursuing you passion of volleyball beyond the realms of high school sports. Your dedication to it inspiring. I’m proud of us for turning this friendship around and being friends again. It’s so cool to see how different we are, and how our lives may be different, but how we are the same 5 year olds from kindergarten class. You have played a major role in my life, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. I am always here for you, and will always lend a listening ear when you need it (even if you live in Monroe and I live in Lubbock). I love you Presleigh, thanks for being you and for being the best friend someone could have had growing up and for still being here today.


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