Buddy Holly

New Found Love of my Life

Hello! Sorry for the hiatus last week college is crazy. Anyway here is my current obsession… Buddy Holly. Yes like the singer/songwriter from the 50’s. He was born September 7, 1936 which is the same day my best friend/little brother was born. Tragically, he died in 1959 in a plane crash at the age of 22. This new-found love started when I visited the Buddy Holly center located in Lubbock, Texas.

Here’s 10 reasons why I love this dude:

  1. He shares a birthday with my favorite little brother
  2. He’s from Lubbock. Home to the greatest university on the planet, TEXAS TECH
  3. Buddy is such a CUTIE!! His hiccup technique, horn-rimmed glasses and lanky physique wow He kinda looks like Clark Kent aka Super Man
  4. His music is such a vibe. I probably should have been born in the 50’s
  5. He could play the piano and fiddle but took most to the guitar
  6. He was so talented that he opened for Elvis Presley, the king himself
  7. He is SO sweet!! When I visited the museum they had letters he had written and wow he’s so so precious. And He has super cute and great handwriting. Just go to the museum
  8. He was a romantic. He asked his wife Maria Elena Santiago to marry him 2 hours into their first date. A little creepy and crazy but sweet nonetheless
  9. The song “American Pie” was aledgidy written about him
  10. It is said that the day he died was “the day the music died” but his music is still alive and well. At least in my heart

Buddy did and continues to have a lasting effect on music. I currently have him on repeat. If you ever take a little drive through Lubbock, Texas make a visit to the Buddy Holly Center, you won’t regret it! He was a real cool cat and listed below are some of my fav songs by him!

“Everyday” “Maybe Baby” “Crying Waiting Hoping” “Peggy Sue”

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