My Springtime Essentials


Spring has sprung and right next to the longer days and the blooming trees are a couple things I just can’t live without. These are some of the things that become a part of my daily routine during springtime. Theses Items are: A denim jacket, Iced americano’s, The Bible, an emergency picnic blanket, and a pair of sunglasses!

A Denim Jacket:

It seems like during the spring, I hardly go anywhere without my denim jacket. A little over a year ago I acquired this gem and I don’t know where I would be without it. It is so versatile and easy to wear; black jeans? grab a denim jacket, khaki shorts? denim jacket. Every day, just put on your denim jacket and you’ll be ready for anything! These jackets are a bit vintage but trendy at the same time, like most popular fashion, the 90s are back and better than ever. Mine is Levi’s but I’ve linked a couple other options if you want to pick yourself up one! ($90) ($60) ($50)

Iced Americano:

Several years ago I discovered the experience that is an iced americano. For those less versed in the coffee world, an americano is a shot (or more) of espresso with water. During the spring there is hardly a better pick-me-up than an ice-cold and bold coffee. If you are feeling a little crazy I would recommend getting some whipped cream on top or even a pump of your favorite flavored syrup. Some of my favorite americano’s have been from The Coffee Shop, Sugar Brown’s Coffee, and of course Starbucks.

The Bible:

Now this more of a favorite throughout my entire year, but alongside April showers is the Easter holiday. This is a wonderful opportunity to remember what Jesus did for us in his brutal death, and then glorious resurrection. We have so much hope through Jesus Christ and too often we only remember this truth during the spring, when the holiday comes around. Let us take this opportunity to remind ourselves and each other about the great gift of salvation God has given us. Not only is the Bible an essential during the spring but it is something that we should all have as a consistent part of our life throughout the whole year.

An Emergency Picnic Blanket:

This is something I do not go anywhere without. Laugh if you must but I cannot tell you how many times I have used my emergency picnic blanket. Whether I am having a sunny afternoon study sesh or eating fro-yo with my best friends by the lake, my emergency picnic blanket has never let me down. I’ve attached the links of a couple blankets that would be perfect for any adventure! Buy one and throw it in your trunk, you won’t regret it! ($31) ($139) ($35)


I can honestly not function without my sunglasses. I am blind as a bat and it is probably unsafe for me to drive if I don’t have my sunglasses with me. My mom gave me my first pair of nice sunglasses for my 16th birthday and I have been obsessed ever since. Give me a good department store with a large sunglass section or an empty Sunglass Hut and I could spend days in between the shelves and shelves of designer sunglasses. I’ve added a couple links to my favorite sunglasses below to hopefully help you all with your search! ($140) ($165) ($160)

I hope you enjoyed the different style of this week’s post! Make sure to check out everyone else’s blogs throughout the week and I’ll see you next Wednesday!

Caleb Moushon


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