Hannah Baker is dead.

Hey, its Amelia.

And this is the story of why 13 reasons why, is so important.

Like many people, I binge watched the show in a matter of days. The series completely captures the audience and leaves you wanting more after every episode. The show beautifully, emotionally and vulnerably portrayed hard subjects like suicide, rape and abuse. The show has started a widespread conversation and has empowered people to speak up and speak out.

We all have Hannah Baker’s in our lives.

Words sting but actions speak louder. I wish the world was a nicer place, I wish we all got along, I wish there wasn’t any suicide, or bullying but in reality, there is. It’s a scary world out there and you never know how one snarky comment can affect someone’s day. Life is not going to be easy but sharing a kind word or a sweet smile can change someone’s day. You never know exactly what a person is going through so be kind. Compliment someone, give your friend a hug, spread positivity and be loving.

Peer pressure is a real thing. Don’t ever feel pressured to do something because your friends are doing it or it seems cool. Be your own person, make your own decisions, try new things but never feel pressured to do things you do not want to.

Speak up! Don’t stay in the corner and watch someone get bullied. Stand up for them and be the bigger person. Watch out for others. Use your voice, speak out, don’t watch injustice happen before your eyes, say something. Reach out to others, don’t let things go unnoticed.

Suicide is real and haunting and prevalent. The suicide rate in teen girls has sky rocketed in the last ten years and continues to increase. In our society people feel so alone and helpless because we have such an isolated culture. People are constantly worried about themselves and rarely take the time to care about others. Watch for warning signs, create genuine friendships, if you see someone hurting encourage them to get help and mostly importantly help yourself.

The show has uncovered many hard topics that we so often hide away but we need to be aware of them. We need to create a safe place for others. We need to lift each other up not tear down. We need to love one another. We need to stand up for each other even when it’s scary or we feel like we will be judged. We can’t let these things go unnoticed. Be a friend to everyone.




p.s. sorry for my short hiatus, I needed some time to figure out life but I’m back and ready to write again.


One thought on “Hannah Baker is dead.

  1. Amelia—I love you and your heart. I pray that you continue to be a light to the people in your life and when you are not, I pray that you will get called out.

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