I killed Hannah Baker…

If you haven’t watched 13 reasons why, the title may scare you. For those who have watched it or are currently, I hope you get the reference. Throughout the show, many of the characters blamed themselves for her death after she made tapes going into detail about events that caused her to take her own life. The phrase “I killed Hannah Baker” was thrown around a lot, and I think I finally understand what the characters mean by that. No, no one physically killed Hannah Baker. As Hannah put it, “Some of you cared, none of you cared enough.”

Often times we tend to ignore things that are happening to the people around us because they don’t affect us directly. I’m guilty of this, and this show has really put it in perspective how wrong that is. No one these days really wants to see how people are deep down. It’s like when someone randomly throughout your daily errands, “How is your day going?” and we robotically answer, “Good! How about yours?” What if someone isn’t fine? What is someone is having a horrible day? What if they are dying to talk about something going on in their life but feel they will be judged for doing so? Just like everyone in the show blamed Hannah for always having drama because she was “seeking attention”, people don’t realize that sometimes people just need to let it all out to someone. So, if someone answers back “I’m doing fine” when you ask them how they are, perhaps dig deeper to see if they’re really okay. Get to know them and what’s going on in their life because you never know how much that will mean to someone.

Throughout the show, it was evident to the audience that Hannah was being bullied and mistreated by people. While it may not seem like the things she was taunted with were serious, bullying is not okay. Having been bullied myself; I know how it feels to be in constant fear of what people will say to you. I know how it feels to walk down the halls of school wanting to look invisible so people wont say anything. I know what it feels like to have someone point out little details about you that might make you feel insecure as if they are putting a spotlight on them. This was how Hannah felt in the last few months of her life. Living this way is no way to live life to the fullest. When you don’t have friends that wont speak truth to you rather than the lies you constantly hear, it can be a very lonesome time of life. Bullying someone is cowardly. However, not sticking up for someone is just as wrong. I’ve been the girl that’s being bullied, but I’ve also been the girl who just stood there and watched someone else have it happened to them. You never have the intention to do so, but it’s so easy to do. If someone had stuck up for Hannah, maybe she wouldn’t have felt so alone and helpless. Don’t just watch bad things happen to people, take a proactive step to stop it and be there for that person.

The last major take away I have from the show is that you never really know what someone is going through. In this life, we tend to try and live double lives. We want people to know the positive things happening to us, but never the negative. We want to show our parents the A’s we got on the tests but never the quiz you failed because you weren’t prepared. Yes, acknowledge the moments that go good in life and thank God for them, but don’t hide the other side. It’s important to talk to the people around you that you’re close with about life. Doing life with others is the only way to get through the tough times. However, some people are not comfortable sharing these things with others. That’s why it’s important to understand that sometimes people do things because of what’s going on in their personal life. When we see people do something that we disagree with or they make a mistake, we as sinfully natured people immediately resort to judging them. Judging others is never okay, but is so easy to do. The hard thing to do in times like that is show them grace and try to understand that something may be going on that led to those decisions. For example, people judged Justin in the show for starting all of the rumors about Hannah doing sexual things with him that she never did. However, we should also understand that Justin has had it rough in his life. He has is unwanted by the only family he has, and was abused by said family and others growing up. The feeling of being unwanted led Justin to strive to be wanted by those around him at school. Now, Justin feels like he needs to do everything he can to keep the “wanted” status, even if that means spreading rumors that he has done things he hasn’t. I’m in no way defending his decision to lie among the other decisions he made throughout the show. I just think it’s a good example to show that we never know what is going on with people. Don’t judge people for things they do, because you sometimes never know the reasons behind it.

So, no. I didn’t kill Hannah Baker. No character on the show even killed Hannah Baker. When I say I killed Hannah Baker, I’m saying that we have all done these things to people that have led them to not being okay physically or emotionally. In the last episode, Hannah starts naming off people and the things they did that led to her dying. Some killed her reputation, others her spirit, and saddest of all, someone actions led to them killing her soul. We’ve all made mistakes that have hurt people like this. We all have our “Hannah Baker” that we didn’t stick up for or that we mocked. So, next time it looks like someone has a bad day, ask him or her how you can be praying for him or her. When someone is getting mocked, stick up for him or her. When you see someone mocking someone, but a stop to it. When you see someone’s sins, try to see that you don’t know what is causing them to do so. Don’t kill Hannah Baker, again.


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