An Open Letter to the Food that Completes My Life


Hello beautiful 110 calorie lump of starchy goodness. What aren’t you good for? You can be a main dish, side dish, used for breakfast, lunch, and or dinner. You’re such a comfort food. I could eat you for every meal. Where would we be without you. Nowhere. That’s where. You add such a depth to each plate you touch. Whether you’re fried, baked, boiled, cut, peeled, whole, you’re perfect. Boy am I glad the Inca Indians in Peru cultivated you in the B.C. ages. You even have been found to contain vitamins. You posses C, B6, Fiber, Iron, and even more potassium than a banana. You are a good fat with no cholesterol or sodium so you’re like basically the Cheerios of vegetables. You are a good start to obtaining a healthy lifestyle, probably like step one to a weight loss plan. Keep that skin on and you’ve got a jam-packed veggie with nutritional benefits. Catch this, you can be used as a substitute in foods as well. Pizza, use it as the bread and load that tater with sauce and toppings. Nachos, no need for chips throw a sliced or wedged potato in there with some cheese and fixin’s. Croutons? Oh yes. Chop that spud and bake it then toss those little babies up in a salad. Yup use it as a pasta alternative or a thickener for gravy. My word potatoes. What can’t you do? Not only can you do many different things there’s so many different species. Did you know there are nearly 100 different potato varieties around the world? Ah! So diverse!! Potato you’re also super-duper cool. They were the first vegetable to be grown in space. SPACE. Like what that’s crazy awesome. Potatoes are such an inspiration. Let them inspire you today. They’re a perennial, so like they’re here year round people.

So, thank you Governor of Bermuda, Nathaniel Butler, for sending the potato to the United States. I forever express my greatest gratitude. Potatoes you may be the 4th largest crop in the field, but you are the number one crop in my heart.


PS. I’m backin these facts up with You should totally visit this site today for some cool potato trivia


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