10 Things I Have NOT Learned in College

All of these are things I should have learned, but just can’t seem to. I’ve tried the easy way and the hard way and yet I still haven’t learned some of these lessons. The others are just questions that I think I will never learn the answers to.

  1. How to be ahead of schedule (or on schedule if we’re being honest)

I can’t quite seem to start working on things in advance. I’m always studying right before the test or putting the finishing touches on a project the day it’s due. That’s so fitting for my life though. I’m always running late or forgetting something. I just always find things to do other than what I need to do (see the next item on this list).

  1. How to do my homework instead of watch Netflix

There are just so many good things I could be watching instead of writing papers and doing research. Like, if you honestly had to choose: writing a 5 page case study or watching Grey’s? It’s not a hard choice.

  1. How to not ALWAYS have dirty laundry

No matter when I wash my laundry or how often there is ALWAYS so much of it that needs to be done. I’ve given up on trying to solve this and am just focused on having a job that pays enough for me to pay to have my laundry done.

  1. How to consistently get enough sleep

One night I could sleep for 10 hours. That’s great! It doesn’t however make up for the fact that I could go the next week with about 10 hours of sleep total. (see number 7 for more info)

  1. The reason 8am classes exist

No one likes them. Not us. Not the professors. Everyone is always cranky. I just want to sleep. I always wind up starving because there is NO way I’m getting up early enough to eat before class. Why do these classes exist? I would rather take a class at 4pm than 8am. If you have a logical answer hit me up. I’d love to hear it.

  1. What it’s like to not be stressed

I’m stressed 110% of the time. I always have something rattling around in my brain or some task that needs to be done. If I had better time management maybe I wouldn’t be so stressed? There’s some food for thought.

  1. How to get a couple more hours in a day

I love college. I love my friends. I love my job. I love my family. I love sleeping and eating and music and Netflix and reading and writing and traveling. I love volunteering and being outside and taking time for myself. This is not a problem. The problem is having enough time to love all these things. Wow, everything really does come back to that time management thing. I should explore this topic more at some point.


  1. My daily caffeine limit

4 drinks from Starbucks? 6 cups of coffee? 3 shots of espresso? I’m not really sure what the limit is but I’ll let you know if I ever find it.

  1. The Greek alphabet

If you have ever had a convo with me about Greek life, the country of Greece, physics, or anything involving the Greek alphabet you know that I have no knowledge on this subject. I can make out a delta and alpha and that’s about it. I can try to draw you a picture of what I’m talking about but it’s not always successful. I couldn’t tell you the difference between two frats if my life depended on it. All the names kind of look/sound the same and I honestly have no desire to actually learn the letters so…

  1. How to do my taxes

At some point you would think someone would help a girl out and teach her this seemingly basic life skill. High school? My college finance classes (I’ve taken 3)? But no. Here I am. In the dark. Confused and wondering. I tried to help my mom this year but to be honest I’m still completely lost. Here’s hoping one day I’ll figure it out, or have a friend that’s a CPA.

Have a fabulous weekend!



P.S. If you’re lucky I might through a weekend blog your way…maybe…but don’t hold me to it.


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