Summer 2017 Playlist

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the sunshine, hot air and summer breeze. I love being by the water and swimming. I love being barefoot, tanning and eating watermelon. Summer is the best time of the year and there’s always such fun new music during the summer as well.

So here are some of my new favorite summer time jams. These songs are good for long days at the lake, lounging at home or for crazy summer nights.

My go to jam this summer is Green Light by Lorde. Like wow Lorde is my favorite artist and I was so excited when I heard she was coming out with music in time for summer. Green light is such a fun song that is so easy to sing at the top of your lungs.

Another song I’m really vibing with this season is It Was Love by LANY. LANY is such a fun vibey band with a cool sound. They are the best to play when just driving around on a summer night. They have fun songs and never fail to wow me with their new music. Can’t wait to listen to them all summer.

So, like I’m super into chill vibey music and Oh Wonder is so good for that. One of their new songs, Ultralife is so fun. It’s going to be such a fun song to listen to while tanning at the pool or cruising around the lake. It’s like a chill upbeat song that is just too fun.

I have a super diverse music taste and right now I really like the song God, Your Mama, and Me by Florida Georgia Line. The song is so ridiculous but also so catchy. It has a fun summer country vibey and also features Backstreet Boys so that makes it even more fun, lol. I always have at least one country jam for the summer and I think this one is it for summer 2017.

My go to summer album is definitely going to be American Teen by Khalid. He’s a super new artist  with such a fun R&B chill vibe. All his songs are so fun and there’s not a song on the album that I don’t like. My favorite is Young, Dumb and Broke. It’s so relatable. My friends and I always make crazy spontaneous decisions and just go with the flow all summer and this song just really resonates with my soul.

Summer is my fav and I can’t wait to make all the mems with all my friends! Here’s to the best summer yet!


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