Music Favs: April

Ah! I blinked and it’s the last week in April. That’s crazy! Music is something that helps me get through the day. I literally listen to it all the time when I walk to class, shower, drive, study. All the music all the time. Here are some of my favorite songs from this month. I enjoy a wide range of music genres from Indie to Oldies and Worship to Pop/rap. I don’t have a very popular opinion when it comes to my music taste but here are my faves anyway! Please enjoy!!


Gregory Alan Isakov

He’s honestly always a vibe but I re-fell in love with him recently. Some of my favs by him are “Big Black Car” “If I Go, I’m Goin” and “Virginia May


Helplessly By: Tatiana Manaois

This song is just so cute and easy to love


Purple By: ThiDaniel

Although this has to do about the drugs(which I don’t do) it’s super fun and vibey. Also I created this sick round for it. So like if you want to hear that just let me know!


Miike Snow

Black and Blue” and “Animal” are just different sounding tunes that I really enjoy. Side note i’m not sure why Miike has two I’s but it makes his name look more Iconic, am I right?


Buddy Holly

Duh obviously! He’s just so cute and dreamy! My fav song by him right now has to be “Everyday


Oh Wonder & Harry Styles

Both put out new music recently and I enjoy both! I’m sure you’ve heard “Sign of the Times” if you haven’t you should probably get out from under that rock you’re living under. And Oh Wonder released two new songs but I think my favorite would have to be “Ultralife



Wow he is only 18 and his music is such summer vibes which you read in Amelia’s blog. Double talking about it cause he’s SO good. My favs by him are “Young dumb and broke” cause #relatable “8TEEN” and “Hopeless


You Are There- Psalm 139:1-10 By: Sherri Youngward

This song is so sweet and down to earth and a nice slow down


Kai’s Song By: Overcoats

Wow the melodies in this are just so pure and beautiful


The Night We Met By: Lord Huron

This song is from 13 Reasons Why. It was played during the dance when Clay and Hannah slowed danced with one another. It’s beautiful.



She is THE MOST precious singer like a quirky Colbie Caillat. I love love love “Stuck on you” and I just recently discovered “Real Real Sweet” and “How Lucky we are”


See the World By: Caamp

This has a folky fun vibe if you can’t tell I love all things acoustic


The Social Animals

Their album Formative Years is just a real fun vibe


A little bit of country…

Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Keith Urban and Shania Twain are current April vibes along with “Dancing shoes” by green river ordinance and Eric Church’s “Springsteen


First aid kit & Jon Foreman 

I really love both of the sounds these two artists put out. “Emmylou” “June & Johnny” and “Caroline”

I could honestly go on and on but I guess i’ll stop there. Hope you look some of these up! They’re a fun time! Have a great week see ya next Tuesday



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