Do it for the mems

Do it for the mems is my life motto. Like why not do something crazy when you have the chance. I believe in going with the flow and just letting life take you wherever. What’s the point of having a perfect plan when it’s probably just gonna get ruined.

Last night, at Caleb’s 19th birthday surprise party, Katy and I decided getting a tattoo would be a super fun idea. And like yeah do it for the mems. So since it was Caleb’s birthday we decided that as a birthday present we would let him choose what we would get permanently on our bodies forever. And wow it was such a great idea. I now have a cool peace sign tattoo on my wrist forever. Peace signs are super cool and like good vibes for life. Tattoos are so fun and like even more fun when they are spontaneous!

Also, spontaneous night time adventures are my life vibe. I love driving around with no destination, blasting my favorite music and laughing with my friends. We always end up at some crazy place, doing some crazy things and having the time of our life. Life is just so much more fun when you live life free.

Live your life, follow your dreams and do it for the mems. Life is more fun when you live it spontaneously. So go do it.




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