Today’s blog post is about my perplexing thoughts about cologne and it’s psychological influence on my life, I hope you enjoy!

Yesterday, after a presentation in my French Culture lecture on Coco Chanel and her brand, my classmate proceeded to pass out samples of Chanel fragrances, Chanel No. 5 for the ladies and Chanel Allure Homme Sport for the guys. Surprised and thankful for the sample, I took mine and was honestly very interested in trying it out. Personally, I have always been one to wear cologne and specifically high-end cologne.

One thing about me, however, is that I exclusively wear Burberry fragrances. In middle school, my mom gave me an extra bottle of Burberry Touch that my dad didn’t use, and told me it’s significance to her. She told me the story of how a man who worked with my parent’s adoption agency helped them while they were in Russia through the whole process while in the recently freed Russian Federation. This man’s name was German and he wore Burberry Touch.

I vividly remember the first time my mom showed me this fragrance at the Burberry store in Austin, she told me that the fragrance reminded her of her time in Russia and one day I could wear it when I was old enough.

The connection I have with Burberry’s line of fragrances is inexplicable and can seem to many people excessive or too much. Is it really that important to drop over a hundred dollars on cologne for a high school, or now college student? To me, the answer is simply yes. I wear cologne every single day, and I feel incomplete the few days I forget to put it on. It is part of my routine, part of my identity almost to not only look good but to smell good as well. There is something about wearing your fragrance that is a major confidence booster and starts my day off right.

I’ve been through countless bottles and the majority of Burberry’s range of fragrances including Burberry Touch, Brit, Brit Intense, and Mr. Burberry. Now here comes my perplexing thoughts that were mentioned in the title. Before I left last night to go to dinner with my friend, I decided to put on the new sample of the Chanel cologne that was given to me in French. The fragrance was nice, but I quickly realized that it just wasn’t me. Now, what I kept asking myself throughout the night was: do I not love this scent because I know I like my other fragrances better, or do I not love the scent because it was Chanel and not Burberry. There is something about brands and the identity you find within them that permeates physical boundaries. You develop brand loyalty and have a relationship with the company you have known and loved for all those years. For me, Burberry is that company, and although I have really only had major connections with their different fragrances, the idea of a Mr. Burberry is someone with tailored elegance and sophistication, yet an element of edge. This identity that Burberry has created may simply be an amazing marketing ploy that I have just bought into, but beyond the products and the advertisements, the integration of confidence, refinement, and individuality within a world of conformity into one’s life is something that I hope to achieve each day.

I wear Burberry, what is something about you that makes you, you?

Thanks for reading!

I’ll catch you next week,

x Caleb Moushon

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