My Summer ’17 Goals

As the semester is coming to a close, the summer is just beginning.

Now with that means that there is much more time to relax and sleep, have fun and play, get tan, go on vacation, and so much more. I was thinking of the things I want to do this summer earlier today, so now I will share some of my goals with you guys in an attempt to at least make me a little bit more accountable with my “Summer 2017 to-do list”.

  1. I will learn another language. Yeah I know, don’t we all? But I sincerely want to learn Czech at least at a conversational level before I go to Prague for four months. Wish me luck!
  2. I will take time for myself. This past semester, I have had very little time for myself and I have decided that this summer will be a time of relaxation and refresh before the Fall. I want to maintain a positive outlook on life, get closer to the Lord, and refresh mentally.
  3. I will get in shape and start eating healthier. To some people that know me, that may seem crazy. I know that I eat pretty healthy as it is, but I would like to cut most dairy and fried foods out of my diet. I always seem to feel horrible after I eat these things but for some reason, I still continue to treat myself to milkshakes and fries. Physically I need to be better, and this summer is when that will happen.
  4. I will read. I am not sure how many books or how frequently I will be reading, but I always enjoy time in a book, therefore I will make sure that is going to happen this summer.
  5. I will learn how to play tennis. I love tennis, and for years I have just played with very amateur skill at the courts in my neighborhood. I will learn this summer.
  6. I will save money. This is more out of necessity than want, however when the summer draws to a close and I have saved money for the next academic year and the plans I have within it, I know that I will have so much relief knowing that I don’t have to stress about how I will come up with enough cash for the semester.

I started writing these as “I want to” statements, however, I decided to change them to “I will” statements because half of the battle is in my head. Wish me luck with my list of summer goals, and maybe take this opportunity to think about what you want to (or will) accomplish this summer!

See you next week!

x Caleb Moushon




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