A Love Letter to The Hive

This past weekend I moved out of The Hive for good. We all went our separate ways for the summer. Although The Hive will probably never live together again, we have a friendship that will last a lifetime. I just wanted to take time to say thank you and reminisce on all the fun things that happened during our sweet time in 532.

Moving into 532 I expected it to be a fun time but I never would have guessed how much that tiny apartment would make my sophomore year so great. This past year has been full of laughter, tears, adventure and so much fun. The Hive has built forever friendships and strengthened old friendships.

Within the first week of living we already had matching tattoos. We were sitting on my bed super late one night and Lacey was just doodling and drew three lines on my ankle. We all thought it was the cutest little thing and thought it would be a cool idea to tattoo on our bodies forever. So, the next day we went to the tattoo shop, got three lines tattooed on our ankles and the rest is history. The Hive created a bond that cannot be wiped away.

At the beginning of the year we also met our resident ghost, Bradley. Bradley was a friendly ghost who liked to shuffle around and occasionally lock Abby’s door. He would often hang out in mine or Abby’s room but never bothered us. He was very respectful of us and our space but never let us forget he was there. He even put his handprint on the wall, so we wouldn’t forget him. (lol, the handprint was actually me and we had to buy paint to cover it up, oops).

The living room was home to some of the best ideas we ever came up with. We decided to go to go to Marfa, the balloon fiesta and we came up with our million-dollar idea in that living room. Marfa was the first road trip we ever went on all together and wow it was so much fun. The five of us piled into Katy’s small red car and made the five-hour journey to Marfa. It was so much fun, we were all exhausted by the end of it but it was so worth it. The balloon fiesta was also one of our great ideas. We again piled into Katy’s small car and drove all the way to Albuquerque. That night/day we slept on the ground in the middle of a field, watched the coolest hot air balloons and made memories that I will never forget. And for our million-dollar idea stay tuned.

The Hive has also held some of the best, silliest, hardest and funnest conversations I’ve ever heard. The walls in The Hive know all my secrets and I’m okay with that. Lacey’s bed was a popular hangout spot. I grew closer to each of y’all and was able to be okay with being myself. We laughed so hard we cried or peed, we scared each other for a good Instagram story and we were there for each other when life got hard.

The Hive helped build friendships that I never saw coming. I can’t thank y’all enough for being there for me even when life got hard and I was extra rude and sassy. Thank you for loving me through all my craziness and never getting too mad when I yelled all the time. Thank you for pushing me to be my best self. I love each of you so much and I’m so happy that sweet little 532 was able to bring me the best, coolest, funnest, realest friends a girl could ever hope for.



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