Hello Summer

With the school year coming to a close once again, it’s time to say hello to summer. While last summer was filled with working at a desk and doing online classes, I am so excited for what this summer holds. Instead of reading textbooks, writing papers, and completing projects, I get to spend the majority of my summer being a camp counselor. For the majority of the summer, I get to spread the gospel and teach kids more about our Lord and Savior. How rad is that? The fact the Lord has blessed me with this opportunity still baffles me. Being entrusted with such a great amount of responsibility is scary, but I know the Lord has given to me with the knowledge that this is what I am meant to be doing.

I don’t think anyone truly feels equipped to do something like this. I think we all recognize that we are sinful people that will never truly be able to grasp everything that God is. We allow for Satan to get in our heads and convince us that these flaws cause us to not be able to spread the gospel properly. These are nothing but lies. No one on this earth is going to be ‘Christian enough” to spread the gospel because that’s not the point behind it. The point behind spreading the gospel is to show the greatness of Christ, not yourself. Telling people about Christ is perhaps one of the most important responsibilities we as believers do. It can be scary but it is so important. Take that leap of faith and don’t be afraid to talk about how great God is.

Applying to be a camp counselor was one of the scariest things I decided to do. I had always felt the Lord calling me to be a camp counselor and I never really understood why. Why was the Lord calling me into this position? Why does He feel like me being a counselor to young girls is going to bring Him glory? Asking myself these questions did nothing but make me feel like I wasn’t prepared more and more. So, I prayed and I prayed about it and still felt called to apply somewhere. So, I did. Man guys, does the Lord open doors and answer prayers.

I already know that this summer is going to be great because the Lord has His hand in it. He has created this camp, this team, and put me on it for His glory. Who am I to doubt that His will is not going to be done or that it was a mistake to put me in this position? No, I will never be dully equipped to do this, or a perfect Christian for that matter. If those were required to spread the gospel, no one would know it in the first place. This summer, I’m going to be put into uncomfortable situations. I’m going to be in a role where people are looking at me and my decisions. I’m going to be leading kids to learn more about who the Lord is. While all of this is terrifying to me, I know the Lord will be guiding me the whole way. While terrified, I couldn’t be more excited to be teaching kids, playing outside all day, and being on the road most of the summer. This summer is going to be so good, and it’s all because of Him.

Go Cones!


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