Songs I’m Loving Right Now

Before I begin, let’s get the elephant out of the room. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but sometimes you just need a break to get re-inspired. Well, I’ve had my break and I’m ready to start posting regularly again. Anyways, enjoy this post about a few songs that I am loving right now!

Bad Boy by Dan Croll

This song is a quintessential summer jam. You know those songs that you just can’t help dancing too? The ones that come on in the car and your friends and you instantly get into a good mood? It’s one of those songs. The message is pretty positive as well, if you listen to the lyrics it is basically saying that you should “pick yourself up, [and] dust yourself off.” It’s about being confident in yourself and not needing a “bad boy” or “bad friends” to have a good time. 10/10, I haven’t stopped listening to it.

Boyfriend by COIN

COIN is one of my favorite “unknown” bands. They aren’t extremely popular, but with the release of their latest album “How Will You Know if You Never Try” I know they will soon be rising to the top of everyone’s summer playlist. Boyfriend is about saying no to the girl who only wants you when she’s bored with everyone else. I think this is a message everyone should take and apply to their life. Finding friends who actively want to be around you is so important. Also, the beat is super fun.

I Like Me Better by Lauv

This song is such a chill, driving around the city, vibe that I absolutely love. It’s a great smooth jam that’s easy to sing along to! The opening lines are “To be young and in love and in New York City” and I know I’m partial to the City that Never Sleeps but, come on, it’s a vibe.

13 by LANY

LANY has been one of my favorite bands for quite a while now. If you haven’t heard their most popular song, ILYSB (I love you so bad), then you should look it up as well. 13 is one of the songs that will be featured on their self-titled debut album, which will be released on the 30th of June. Luckily the band has decided to pre-release some of the songs and this gem is one of my favorites. It is a lot less upbeat and “pop-y” sounding than some of the other songs on this list, but it is just as good nonetheless. The chill beat of the song brings an atmosphere of relaxation perfect for a lazy morning or a rainy afternoon (but let’s be honest, anytime is great).

8TEEN by Khalid

I’ve been loving this song for a while now, but I just can’t get tired of it! Khalid is a 19-year-old from El Paso, TX and his music is outstanding.  8TEEN is just one of fifteen songs featured on his debut album American Teen. It’s a song that you just can’t help but dance to. I don’t say this often, but his album is one that I could listen to in its entirety over and over. He signs about his personal life and experience and you can hear the emotion in his music. Just a disclaimer: It’s not the most appropriate but it’s such a jam I had to mention it.

The Sound by The 1975

If you know me, you would know that it would be almost impossible for me to do a “favorite songs” blog post and not feature The 1975. They are my absolute favorite band and I love practically all of their music. It is so genuine and fun and each song brings something different to the table. I had the chance to see them live in April and honestly, their performance met and exceeded my expectations by far. It is a production and it was magical. Anyway, you might have heard “The Sound” in movies like The Edge of Seventeen and Me Before You. Since the release of their second album in February of 2016, the band has exploded and exponentially gained fans around the world. I have loved The 1975 for years now and love every song like it is the first time hearing it again. “The Sound” uses pop-y influences and authentic topics to the lead singer Matty Healy. He writes and sings about his life, his struggles with love and substance abuse, and even if you don’t relate necessarily the reality of his music speaks volumes and sets a precedent in the music industry. Disclaimer: The 1975 is not known for their clean lyrics so proceed with caution.

As you can tell, I love music. I listen to it constantly and love finding new music, so if there are any songs you want me to hear, don’t hesitate to comment them! If you’ve like some of these songs already, check out my Spotify! (The link will go to my page!)  I make new playlists pretty regularly so there’s always something new I’m listening to!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found a new summer favorite song!

x Caleb Moushon


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