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Hello humans, this is Amelia. Essential oils are my love language and I can’t go a day without crying. My four main food groups are candy, candy cane, candy corn and syrup !  Please tune in Mondays to read the best blog ever. Jesus loves you and so do I. Do it for the mems !!

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Hi! Hello! I’m Lacey! I love Jesus, cows, and coffee. I have weird taste in music probably because I’m weird. Aspiring ukulele player, even though I never practice. Let’s be friends. I’m pretty cool and have a lot to say so you should read my posts on Tuesdays! Be the change!!

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Hey I’m Caleb! Jesus, Coffee, and hanging out with my friends are just a couple of my favorite things! I have a pretty positive outlook on life and always try to see the best in situations. I’m trying to figure everything out just like you guys and I hope you’re as excited as I am for my Wednesday posts!

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Hello lovelies ! My name is Abby and I’m probably wearing a flannel right now and drinking coffee. I appreciate good music and going on adventures. I’m obsessed with Waka Flocka and my cat Peetie. It would be pretty rad if you tuned in on Thursdays to see my posts. Stay blessed !

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Hi y’all. I’m Katy. I love Beyoncé, tacos, and books. I enjoy naps, movies, and being alone.  You should read my posts every Friday. They’re gonna be bomb just like me.

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