Momma Soria!

Happy Mother’s Day!! You’re a GREAT mom and hold yourself with such grace. You’ve raised amazing kids and have touched the lives of so many others, I am one of those. You walk through life with a zeal that is contagious and you are always the calm in the storm. I hope when i’m a teacher my classroom models yours and your heart for your students.

But right now I want to thank you. I want to thank you for the girl that made you a mom. She’s honestly someone who I can’t imagine life without. You made a good one. Amelia’s one of the most genuine humans I have ever met. She’s silly, loving, generous, loyal and so much more. She matches my level of crazy(which wow) and doesn’t judge me even when i’m super weird. She’s accepting of all people because ultimately she just wants to show them the love that Christ shows her.

I love how Amelia holds herself. She has shown me that others opinions don’t matter and no matter what I do i’ll always have a friend in her. I know she learned this trait from you. You both have a Proverbs 31 vibe. Both of you truly live the calling of a christian woman, clothing yourselves in strength and dignity and laughing at whatever life throws at you. You both purse intentionality with others and watching ya’ll pushes me to want to be better.

Thank you for teaching her to be so easy going and adventurous. I love saying a weird dumb idea and watching her run with it. I love doing life with her by my side, A&L forever! I can’t thank you enough for providing a christ centered home for her, because from that foundation she has centered her life and heart on Christ living everyday for the Gospel. She pushes me and everyone around her to do the same. This friendship is so beneficial and important to me and I can not thank you and Jose enough for making her who she is today.

Moms are so important. You’re a good one and were so lucky to have you in our lives as an encourager, listener and advice giver. I love you momma Soria!




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