You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

I hate goodbyes so as Sophomore year comes to a close i’d rather not say goodbye, but rather hello to the memories and to new adventures. This past school year has held new friendships, road trips and many many life lessons.

I gained many friendships but four stand out in particular. This goes out to the hive, my fellow “the buzz” bloggers and adventure sharers. You guys wow. Y’all have blown friendship expectations out of the water. You loved me, made fun of and with me, and called me out even though you all know I hate it. Amelia, Abby, Katy and Caleb although we will never all live together again(or as close by for Caleb) I know we have a bond that will last a lifetime. You guys have put up with SO much from me. From my weirdness and the awkward things I say and do to my loudness dancing and singing around the apartment or just screaming for no reason. Thank you for not getting to upset and loving me through my moming. I just love y’all a whole lot and know this year would have looked EXTREMELY different without y’alls constant love, encouragement and craziness.

Sophomore year was year two of being in Phi Lamb and it has been a blessing to me yet again. The Lord obviously knew what he was doing when he placed me in this sisterhood. These girls have loved me and pushed me toward the cross and for that I am forever grateful. To my Prayer Group, thank you for listening to my highs and lows and for being a constant time in the middle of the week that I looked forward too. This year I was given a little and let me tell y’all she is THE cutest, most loving and wise new lambie I have ever met. She is just precious and such a fun time. Sweet Christine, I would do anything for you and I hope you know i’m always here for you and I’m so so so proud to be your big. Also, after much prayer and obedience to the father this group of girls elected me their President. I am SO unequipped for this position but The Father equips me. He calls me worthy, leads me and loves me as I take on this new servant hood. Girls, I can not wait to see where He takes our chapter this next school year. I love you all SO deeply.

At the end of this year I said Goodbye to basic courses and Hello to my blocks and the Tech Teach program. I cannot be ANY more excited for what this next school year will bring. I will be learning the ins and outs of the classroom preparing to have my own. This year I learned what I already knew, but did not want to acknowledge. America is not the greatest country in the world. We are SO far behind. We lack in so many areas. Guys, the reading rate in Washington DC, our nation’s capital is 12%. Yeah, you heard that right a whopping 12%. We don’t try or push our students to try to learn the material needed. We pass them along because we’re afraid to fail them. I’ve learned that it’s OK to fail. It’s okay to not be perfect but what isn’t okay is to not try. This year my motto of BE THE CHANGE came to be. I want to be someone who changes this world one child at a time.

This year was such a blast, but it’s time for the summer and new adventures. For me this summer holds an internship at my home church in Austin Texas. Prayers for wisdom, a servant heart and childlike energy would be greatly appreciated. Sophomore year, you will be greatly missed and forever remembered. Summer 2017 I’m ready for ya!!

Thanks so much for reading, ily



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